We hand pack our own ice cream cakes and pies in our store.  Choose from over a dozen in the most popular flavors on display or order a custom one made for your specific needs.  
Cakes & Pies   

Two layers of ice cream with fudge and crunch in the middle is the most popular.  Or have one layer cake and other ice cream.

Popular Cake Flavors:
Chocolate & Vanilla
Cappuccino Crunch & Chocolate
Mint Chip & Chocolate Chip
Raspberry Chip & Chocolate Chip
Midnight River Caramel &
               Extreme Chocolate
Peanut Butter Cup &
         Peanut Butter Cookie Dough             and Caramel
Vanilla Mouse Tracks &
               Chocolate Moose Tracks

Pies :
Graham cracker crust with fudge and crunch layer on the bottom that is then filled with ice cream.

Popular Pie Flavors:
Cappuccino Crunch
Midnight River Caramel
Mint Moose Tracks
Chocolate Moose Tracks
Vanilla Moose Tracks
Peanut Butter Cup
Pumpkin (seasonal)
Egg Nog (seasonal)
Peppermint (seasonal)